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Today our baby boy turns one!! Caleb and I cannot believe how fast this last year has gone – it’s been an incredible journey of learning the ins and outs of how to raise a little one. Caden has the sweetest personality and he never fails to make us laugh! What a blessing his life […]


February 21, 2020

Caden is ONE + his birth story!

We have a ONE month old!! Caleb and I cannot believe how fast the last four weeks have went by. It has been such a whirlwind but such an amazing time in our life! For those who didn’t see on social media, we had our sweet boy on February 21st, 2019 at 2:12am. He was […]


March 22, 2019

Caden | One Month Old

36 WEEKS!! We cannot believe how fast this pregnancy has gone. We’re one week away from “full term” and four weeks away from our due date! I haven’t posted a blog update since 29 weeks, so here’s how the last 7 weeks have been: -Morning sickness: Still hanging around! 😭 I’ve pretty much accepted there […]


January 29, 2019

36 Week Update | Baby Grundyson

Third trimester is finally here and I’m already one week done with it! Yay! That means only 11 more weeks (or so) until we get to meet our baby boy! Everything is becoming more real as we prepare for his arrival… we both feel overwhelmed, excited, and SO ready for it! Pregnancy updates: -Morning sickness. […]


December 10, 2018

29 Week Update | Baby Grundyson

Well we made it to 24 weeks with our sweet baby boy! Time is flying by – we just finished up our 24 week doctor appointment and now we start appointments every two weeks! Crazy! Pregnancy Updates: -We’ve been told by the doctors that our baby boy is “very active”. At our 20 week ultrasound […]


November 6, 2018

24 Week Update Baby Grundyson

We’re 20 weeks pregnant and having a BABY BOY! ♥︎ Caleb and I could not be more excited to welcome this little man into our family in February 2019. Yesterday (October 11th, 2018) we had our 20 week ultrasound/doctor appointment and everything went so well. We are so grateful to have a healthy and active […]


October 12, 2018

20 Weeks Pregnant – Gender Reveal Baby Grundyson