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24 Week Update Baby Grundyson

Well we made it to 24 weeks with our sweet baby boy! Time is flying by – we just finished up our 24 week doctor appointment and now we start appointments every two weeks! Crazy!

Pregnancy Updates:
-We’ve been told by the doctors that our baby boy is “very active”. At our 20 week ultrasound he bounced back and forth the entire time and today he wouldn’t let us hear get his heart rate because he would kick the doppler. Ha! We’re grateful for every kick and punch we feel! 😉

-Morning sickness is getting better (finally!). I only throw up 1-2 times per week instead of 1-2 times per day. I still have nausea almost every day, but it’s manageable.

-We have four weddings left before our due date! Weddings are going well as long as I have plenty of snacks! 🙂

-We set up our crib and bassinet over the weekend… seeing it every day makes this feel SO real!

-I had a few braxton hicks last week. I was surprised they could start so early, but I guess it’s normal!

-I’m on the search for a maternity winter coat! I was hoping to avoid purchasing a coat to fit the baby bump, but I currently can’t breathe in my current coat if it’s zipped. So it’s time 😉 If you have any recommendations on winter maternity coats – let me know! I found a couple options on amazon, so I’m going to order those to try on and hope they work!

-This may not be a big deal to some people… but if you know me you know I LOVE Chipotle! Sadly for the first 22 weeks of pregnancy I would get sick from it, but we had it today and it was amazing (and I didn’t get sick!). Praise the Lord! Ha!

16 more weeks until it’s baby time! ♥




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